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Whether you like to call it a blogging course, WordPress tutorial, blog how-to, Wordpress how-to, or an e-course program, read on to find out what you'll get:

  • Get Ranked High on Google so People Will Find You.

  • Build a List of Prospects and Buyers.

  • Attract Targeted New Customers and Clients for Your Business

  • Make Money with your Blog (Several Different Ways)

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From: Elisabeth Kuhn, Ph.D.  

Dear Frustrated Blogger,

Are you new to blogging?

Are you getting lost or stressed out about where to start or how to build your blog?

Are you worried that you'll spend countless hours on your blog and won't have an income to show for it?

Then again, maybe you do have a blog, but it still says "Hello World" on that famous WordPress blue background. smile

Or maybe your blog can't be found on Google! Perhaps you don't know what to do next...

Then again, maybe you do have a freebie Blogger blog, but you're intimidated by the idea of getting a "real" WordPress blog, the kind YOU have complete control over.

And you know that the "free" blogs don't really belong to you.  Worst of all, they could disappear overnight one day, with all of your hard work gone down the drain, just when you thought you were starting to make some money at last.

But all that's about to change:


Now you can learn to quickly and easily build your very own blog -- that automatically gets traffic, promotes your favorite affiliate program, AND earns you real money you can bank... while I'll be holding your hand (virtually) all the way.

Real blogs have a lot of moving parts.

And I'll walk you through all of them -- step by step -- until it's all set up, working, and has traffic coming in.

And until you're set up to capture that traffic and start building your LIST!

And not just any old list, but a list filled with people who want the EXACT kind of information you're ready to give them.

A list that will grow into your rabid fan club if you treat it well.

And you know that a blog is the basis for making that happen. You know that a blog is the secret to getting visitors to your website.

But of course it has to be the right kind of blog.  And maybe you're afraid you'll get it all wrong.

Traditional Websites Are Dinosaurs! 
Here's Why You NEED a Blog!

Traditional Websites are dinosaurs!  Sure, they look pretty, but most of them aren't drawing the traffic they could get.  And if they do, it has taken them YEARS of work.

And here's a dirty little secret that web designers will NOT tell you:

The flashiest, prettiest websites are invisible to search engines.  Unless you type in their address directly, you'll never find them!

Do you want a website Google can't find?  Or do you have the time to wait months or years until the mighty Google deigns your site worthy of front page status?

I bet you'd prefer MUCH faster results! And a blog will give them to you.

Announcing Dr. Elisabeth Kuhn's 4-Week LIVE Blogging Course
"The Blogging Course: Build Your Own Money Making Blog "

Here's how it works...

  • Weekly Live Training Calls! Each week we'll meet on a LIVE training call, where we will walk through the lesson and you have a chance to get your questions answered. The call will be recorded and you'll get access to the recordings.

  • Brief, Easy-To-Understand Training Materials. Each week I'll send you a download link (via email) for that week's PDF training materials (more on these in just a moment). These weekly training materials will be CONCISE, but thorough...ranging from 15 to 25 pages. I'm trying to REMOVE "information overload", not add to it. Each lesson covers exactly what you need to do in order to create your own money making blog by the end of the sessions. You'll also receive a downloadable audio version of the curriculum in .MP3 format in case you like to "listen" to the training as well.

  • Real Action-Oriented Assignments To Complete. At the conclusion of each lesson will be a homework assignment to complete before the next lesson arrives the following week.

This is going to be a life-changing opportunity for the 50 people who get the limited spots in the e-Course program (especially if they sign up for the coaching version or the coaching upgrade).


Yes, your own blog will be up and running and bringing in traffic and sign-ups for your list.  Depending on your choice of monetization, you may already have earned your first dollars as well.

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn Over The Next
4 Weeks (plus bonus week) During Our Weekly Sessions Together...

Here's a breakdown of the weekly lessons in the e-course.

Week #1: CHOOSE. Choose your market, your keywords, and your domain name.

Week #2: CREATE. Create your actual blog, add sign-up form, and get blogging.

Week #3: CUSTOMIZE. Add more custom features and tools. Start getting traffic and setting up monetizing features.  

Week #4: COMPLETE. Add more traffic features, complete and set up your ethical bribe to get more people to sign up for your list. 

Week #5: COLLECT (BONUS WEEK). Start collecting the fruits of your labor. More ways to increase targeted traffic, to get more subscribers, and to get your blog to start earning its keep.

As you can see, I've got this special e-course all setup to get you results by the time we're finished. And if you choose the full version with coaching (available here), you'll get my personal attention (literally, one-on-one interaction between you and me!). In that case, this entire course will be custom-tailored to your specific needs.

We're gonna cover it all...

  • How to find the perfect market

  • How to help your perfect market find YOU

  • Where to host your blog for best results

  • How to set it up

  • How to turn it into a Google Sweetheart

  • How to turbo-charge its performance

  • What to write in your posts

  • How to write your posts for best results

  • How to repurpose your posts for even MORE results (and money)

  • How to set up your opt-in form and get your list started

  • How to bribe your visitors to opt into your list

  • How to make your new subscribers actually look forward to your emails

  • How to make money with your blog (several different ways!)

  • How to use your blog to attract customers for your business

  • How to integrate your blog with social media

  • How to build your credibility and visibility at record speed

  • How to leverage your blog for more money

  • How to streamline the process so you can do it over and over again

  • And lots more...

We'll cover everything you need to know (and nothing you don't need to know ... no unnecessary filler!) in order to get your blog up and running within the second week, and optimized for peak performance by the time our sessions are completed.

Here's Where You Find The Real Beauty Of Having Your Own Blog

There are at least five incredible benefits...

1. Fast Google Love! Your blog will be found on Google quickly.
2. Complete Control and Ownership! You can do with your blog as you please. No one is going to take it away from you or put THEIR ads on it.
3. Attract Customers to Your Business! Helps you draw targeted leads.
4. Make Money Directly and Indirectly! Let me count the ways...
5. Instant Updates! You can update your blog anytime -- instantly.







If you think this sounds good, just wait until you actually see it happening to YOU.

Want Proof?

Here's a screen shot of the Google listing for one of my blogs for the keyword I had targeted: Richmond Web Marketing  

It wasn't just on the first page of Google.  It was number 1, right underneath the local listings block.

Richmond Web Marketing on Google

What Real People Are Saying About My Work:

A wealth of knowledge and know-how...

Being new to Internet Marketing, I thought that I could learn everything I needed to do from all those free teleseminars I was signing up for. They made it sound so easy and I thought I would be on my way to making my Internet fortune right away. Well, I didn't get very far before I was at my wits ends trying to make things work. Then I found Elisabeth. She was able to quickly set me straight as to what I needed and how she could help me. In the end she was a god saver in getting my blog site up and running. Elisabeth was right on top of things and over-delivered on everything she said she would. She is a wealth of knowledge and know-how. Thanks so much Elisabeth for your support and helping me launch  

Joyce Hansen

Wow! I learned more in two weeks than...

Wow! I've learned more in two weeks (5 hours coaching) than I learned in the 6 months before I started working with you!  

Kate Wilber

Highly recommended

I have recently worked on a project with Elisabeth. It was the first time I worked with a copywriter and the experience, service and quality of the work Elisabeth provides exceeded all of my expectations. She takes the time to review your product and offer and then creates an effective selling proposition that hits all the hot spots of your prospects. I could not be happier with the end results and I'm currently working on a few major JV deals thanks to Elisabeth's letter. Especially for this price, you'd be crazy not to take up this offer! Highly recommended, and thanks again Elisabeth!  

X.C. Tang

I'm so impressed I signed up for the blogging service also.

I signed up for the 5 articles per week part of this WSO. I am in a unique niche that sells physical products, is business to business and requires technical writing. I have gone through 4 article writers before finding Elisabeth. Here is what I emailed back to her upon receiving my first article. "This is an excellent article. Written in the proper tone and very informative. This is the type of article I can get on page one of Google." I am so impressed I signed up for the blogging service also. Elisabeth can write :)  

Jim Z

Like reading a letter from a friend...

The suggestions you offer are fabulous...  Some of them gave me a giggle too!  I was extremely moved by your sharing your own struggles as you learned how to make yourself feel better through some very painful and scary times. You are living proof that these techniques work not only on superficial problems but also on some of the most stressful experiences of our lives.  

Wendy Betterini

The Content She Produces Will Knock Your Socks Off

"Elisabeth is an excellent writer. The content she produces will knock your socks off. And, she works on autopilot. Just recently we gave her a list of concepts and ideas and she cranked out about 40 high quality articles for us. It was fast and painless. Elisabeth's a pro."   

John Rhodes

I wish I had this when I first started out...

I've actually sold books on Amazon since 2001 and this report is perfect for anyone entering the Amazon Bookselling marketplace. I wish I had this when I first started would have saved hours of "homework".  

BlueSquares (Warrior Forum)

Hold On - Make Sure You Are Right for This Before
You Get Started (Seriously!)...

While I don't want to turn away your business, it's best to make sure the eClass is a great fit for you before you secure your spot. It (seriously) isn't for everyone...

Are You A Beginner? That's okay. All you need is an internet connection and a willingness to learn and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. And if you have questions... Just ask. If possible, you may want to consider getting the coaching upgrade later. But even without it, you'll find my materials very clear and step-by-step.
Are You Experienced? Maybe you already have a blog, but it's not bringing you the traffic you need or the subscribers you want. This class will give you the opportunity (or maybe the kick in the behind) to do the things that will actually make your blog work the way you want it to.
Are You A Pro? To be honest... This may not be the right eClass for you. It will focus on the basics.  But if you still don't have the traffic you want or want to learn an easier system to set up your blog, drive traffic to it and make it start earning money, you might find that it will streamline your process.  If you're a pro blogger, however, please let someone have the spot who really needs it.

Do You Have What it Takes to Set Up Your Own Money Making Blog?

What WILL it take?

Motivation! I'll put you to work.  You should set aside at LEAST an hour (preferably two) each weekday to do your homework.  The more time you invest, the more you'll get out of the course.

Willingness to follow instructions!  For example, I can't guarantee anything if you don't follow instructions. If you pick bad keywords, Google is unlikely to catapult you to page one.  If you pick great keywords, you can practically watch your blog move up.

Now how much will it take to happily involve yourself in this course?

If you were expecting the price of a cheap ebook, you'll be disappointed.  Go ahead and buy the ebooks.  I've done it, and it took a course to really help me put it all together.

Ebooks not only tend to leave a lot of questions, but they sometimes even get things wrong, plus they're likely to end up gathering cyber dust on your hard drive.

Coaching on the other hand makes you take action!

You're accountable! You have homework every week.  

And that means results! 

But of course I can only give that kind of attention to a few people at a time, so naturally coaching is more expensive than an ebook...  But it's not nearly as expensive as you might expect, especially if you act fast and get in while you can still get the outrageously low Early Bird Special.

Yet times are tough, and I want to help you out.

That's why I decided to make this course available in a budget-friendly "lite" versioon. All I've done is remove the coaching component. This allows me to make the lite version available to more people - so YOU can benefit even if you can't spend hundreds of dollars right now. And if you like, you'll have the option to upgrade and add the coaching option later.

Only 50 Lucky People Will Be Accepted

Yes, as I said, there are only a limited number I can accept into the course.  I want to make sure I can do justice to everyone who is enrolled and give them the feedback that will help them make their blog a success!

But, wait! Here's something that I don't have to do, but I'm going to do simply because I'd like to help you...

Included: A 30 Minute Phone or Skype Coaching Session!

Yes, I'm offering onr 30 minute strategy session by Phone or Skype as a bonus to the first ten students who sign up.  I might decide to take that bonus away later (if I come to my senses).

Included: Weekly Teleseminar OR Webinar!

I will also include a weekly teleseminar OR webinar, so you can ask questions and look over my shoulder to see how it's done.

Included: Student Blog Showcase and Critique!

As part of the webinars (week four or bonus week) I will include a showcase and critiquing sessions, where you'll get to show off your blogs and I'll provide feedback to help optimize them even more.

Included: FREE Advertising for YOU!

This course will be turned into a product, a course-in-a-box, that will sell for years to come. And during the teleseminars, you will get a chance to talk about your blog and your business, which includes your URL. So when future blogging students listen to the recordings, they will hear about your blog and can look it up.

Included: Special Resource Rolodex!

There are two sides to this: I will provide you with a list of personally vouched-for resources that will help you get your business built faster and more effectively.  AND I will include a special section where YOU can have your own services and products listed.

Included: Half-Price Access to Future eCourses!

Whether you'll need a refresher or want to learn something new, as an alumnus of my Blogging Course you will get lifetime access to a 50% discount for any eCourse I will teach.

What about a guarantee?

Here's my guarantee: Sign up now, and participate for the first week.  I think you'll be impressed by the quality and the amount of information you will receive.  

If for some reason you're not impressed or this just isn't a good fit for you, and you would prefer to drop the course at that point, just let me know before the end of the first week (i.e., before the second week's lesson appears), and I will quietly refund you every penny you paid.

Looks like I just took away your only excuse for not joining us now.

The Blogging Course 4-Week LIVE Group Coaching
Begins On September 9th

Enroll by clicking on the signup button below. Upon completing your order, you'll receive a confirmation email and details on when you'll receive your first lesson.

  • Lesson #1: Monday, September 9th
  • Lesson #2: Monday, September 16th
  • Lesson #3: Monday, September 23rd
  • Lesson #4: Monday, September 30th
  • Bonus Lesson #5: Monday, October 7th

Start the fall with a new power blog! While the course continues into October, your blog will be all set up and ready to sign up leads before the end of September. Then, we'll be working on getting more traffic, increasing the number of visitors, and monetizing your blog.

Join now below and let's get your own blog set up in just a short time from now.

But wait! I'm sure you're wondering what your investment will be. You'll be pleasantly surprised, especially if you hurry.

Courses with that kind of personal attention routinely cost upwards of $497. But I want to help you out, and so you can happily involve yourself in my course for much less. In fact, you'll pay just pennies on the dollar!

While the normal investment will be $197 for the group coaching version, I want to reward those who act quickly. The price is starting at a rock-bottom introductory fast action rate, and it will go up every few days.

So if you want to find out where it is right now, just click on the order button below.

The Blogging Course Enrollment Form

YES Elisabeth, this is exactly what I've been waiting for! I'm eager to learn how to finally get my blog set up, attract a flood of visitors, and make money.

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* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this course and its potential. I cannot and do not guarantee you'll make a specific amount of money or any money at all. Please remember that each individualís success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

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To recap, here's what you'll be receiving when you enroll in The Blogging Course 4-week e-course program (with bonus week)...

  • Get your blog set up and optimized.

  • Turn it into a magnet for visitors.

  • Turn your visitors into subscribers.

  • Turn your blog into a money maker.

  • Step by step blueprint so you can repeat the process as often as you like.

And here's one more thing: You know the definition of insanity, don't you? It's doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Aren't you ready to do something different for a change?

Best of Success,

Elisabeth Kuhn, Ph.D.

P.S.: Remember to act fast -- the price will go up every couple of days -- until all the spots are gone!

 Email: bloggingcourse AT gmail DOT com